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Potable Water delivery now available with our new "CERTIFIED POTABLE" Water Truck.

Why Choose Us

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Our Delivery Drivers are
professionally trained

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Owned & Operated

Our whole team resides in
the Grass Valley Area

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All our water comes from
the public water supply


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Bulk Water Delivery

We provide fast, courteous water delivery service at a reasonable price. If you have a water emergency or an urgent situation, we can generally accommodate your needs. 

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Holding Tanks

Our equipment is well maintained and kept spotlessly clean at all times. When H2O TO GO fills your holding tank, you can be sure the water is clean and safe.

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Swimming Pools

We deliver to your home to fill, refill, or "top off" your swimming pool. Our technicians are mindful of your property to make water delivery a hassle-free experience. 

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Construction Site

Need an economical source of water for cleaning, dust control, and equipment at your construction site? We regularly work with general contractors to meet the needs of commercial construction sites. 

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Dust Control

We will partner with you to meet California ARB regulatory requirements for dust control. H2O TO GO is a reliable source of clean water for dust control. 

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Events & Festivals

Need drinking water for a music festival, craft fair, or sporting event? Making mud for a squishy obstacle course? We have done it all, and will make your event a memorable experience for all. 

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